Welcome to Southern Environmental Air…

Southern Environmental Air has been providing total solutions to industrial air quality problems for over 25 years. Our team provides engineering, sales, installation, and maintenance of air pollution control systems. We can simply sell you the equipment or perform a turn key installation and assume full responsibility for how your system works. We have limited our equipment offerings to those that perform very well.

We are small enough to be responsive, but deep enough to bring education, experience, and quality equipment together to solve your dust collection or air pollution control problem. Give us a try. We’ll guarantee your satisfaction!

Character, integrity, and trust are the cornerstones of lasting relationships. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and plan on being here for the next 50 years. To grow, we seek long-term relationships with our customers.

No single manufacturer has the best solution to every problem. That is why we have such an extensive product line. We will only sell you what we believe to be the best solution to your problem. You will want to consider competitive options, and we will even assist you in making an honest evaluation. Your success is more important to us than any single sale.

It is generally best to deal with a problem once and move on. You may know of situations where multiple attempts have been made, but the problem still exists. $900 will seldom provide a satisfactory solution to a $1,000 problem. And you can seldom recover much, if any, of your investment. If your constraints will not allow you to provide a total solution, I’d rather see you spend $1 moving in the right direction – ultimately leading to the best solution to your problem – than $900 in the wrong direction.

If you are looking for someone that you can consider a partner in solving your air quality problems in the most economical way possible, someone that will provide honest appraisals and honest answers, then give us a call. We’d like to do business with you, too.